TYPE: Special Board of Education Meeting
DATE: 6/12/2017 TIME: 5:30 PM
LOCATION: Board Conference Room, 925 Felix Street
EDUCATING EACH CHILD FOR SUCCESS THE MEMBERS OF THE ST. JOSEPH SCHOOL BOARD WILL: • Prepare for Board Meetings • Listen to Understand • Engage in Purposeful Discussion • Collaborate Respectfully • Make Evidence Based Decisions • Demonstrate Professional and Ethical Governance
1.0 Call to Order
1.1 Call to Order Info
1.2 Roll Call Info
1.3 Pledge of Allegiance Info
2.0 Agenda Approval
2.1 Approval of Agenda Action
2.2 Audience Participation for item regarding DLB - Salary Deductions ONLY Info
3.0 Consent Agenda Action
3.1 Approval of Consent Agenda Items Action
3.2 Approve the May 22, 2017 BOE Meeting Minutes Action
3.3 Approve the May 25, 2017 Special BOE Meeting Minutes Action
3.4 Final Bus Routes for School Year 2016-17 (from 5/22/17 board agenda) Action
3.5 PropC Rollback Calculation Credit (for record only) Action
3.6 Proxy for MOSIP Board of Director 2017 (new) Action
3.7 2016-17 High School Graduates (new) Action
3.8 Tuition Rates for 2017-18 (new) Action
3.9 Middle School Officiating Rates for 2017-18 (new) Action
3.10 MEC and Suburban Official Pay Rates for 2017-2018 Action
4.0 Personnel & Finance/Treasurer's Report
4.1 Approval of Bills Action
4.2 Personnel Report Action
5.0 Old Business
5.1 GCQD - Professional Organizations & DLB - Salary Deductions (removed from 5/22 board agenda) Action
5.2 Special Services Competitive Bids for: (from 5/8/17 work session agenda) Speech and Language Therapy Sign Language Interpreters Software Management for Individualized Education Plans and 504 Plans Action
5.3 Petition for Payroll Deduction of MSTA Dues per Policy DLB (from 5/8/17 work session agenda and removed from 5/22/17 board agenda) Action
5.4 Ratification of Agreement with Buildings and Trades (from Buildings and Trades negotiations Spring 2017) Action
5.5 In District High School Student Transfer Eligibility Policy (from 5/22/17 board agenda) Action
5.6 New SRO Agreement (from 5/22/17 board agenda) Action
5.7 Program Handbooks at Hillyard Technical Center (from 5/22/17 board agenda) Action
5.8 ATI Live Review Agreement with Hillyard Technical Center Action
6.0 Board Policy Discussion - Group Action
6.1 ECA - Building and Grounds Security (from 5/16/17 board policy committee meeting) Action
6.2 GBA - Exempt and Nonexempt Employees (from 5/16/17 board policy committee meeting) Action
6.3 GBAA - Staff Extra Duty Assignments (from 5/16/17 board policy committee meeting) Action
6.4 GCD - Professional Staff Recruiting and Hiring (from 5/24/17 board policy committee meeting) Action
6.5 GCKB - Professional Staff Meetings (from 5/24/17 board policy committee meeting) Action
7.0 Motion to Adjourn
7.1 Motion to Adjourn Meeting and Move into the Work Session Action
All Board meetings are posted at 925 Felix Street, St. Joseph, MO, channel 13, and on the district's website at